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Only Suitable For Mexico City Travelers

ONLY SUITABLE FOR MEXICO CITY TRAVELERS If you travel constantly to Mexico City, you must have noticed its hustle and bustle. As being one of the most overpopulated cities in the world, it is...

Why 12 grapes for New Year?

As every year on December 31, we all make a list of purposes and wishes that we hope to fulfill for next year. At 12 o'clock at night, we eat 12 grapes as a tradition at each chime, hoping that,...

How is Christmas celebrated in Mexico?

Christmas in Mexico has a great variety of traditions and customs, among which family celebrations such as Las Posadas, where you feel all the warmth of home and the environment is contagious with...

Instagram and CDMX, a Great Combination.

  Today, social networks are the basis of our daily life. When we see a picture and imagine that we are in that place, our mind starts to wander. We share everything through our photographs...

Mixquic a place where the deceased return …

Every year it is placed: salt, water, chopped pepper, white, purple and orange flowers, straw, the Syrians are lit, the favorite food of each of the deceased is placed, skulls of sugar, the bread of...

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