5 musts to enjoy an event in Mexico City

If you are about to travel to Mexico City to attend an event, you are in front of one of the most exceptional experiences you would ever live. In fact, an express weekend-getaway is perfect for relaxing and discovering this gorgeous city. In this post, we will share some tips for you to enjoy Mexico City’s events to the limit.

We do know that having a trip to a new city is always an exciting idea, and Mexico City isn’t an exception. Not in vain, it is one of the loveliest towns in the world. Beyond its aesthetic beauty, It also has a bunch of attractions.

What to do to attend an event in Mexico City?

If you are lucky enough, your event will happen on Saturday night. If so, get ready to enjoy a mini holiday. Follow these 5 musts to do so:

1.    Try everything you can to arrive on Thursday

Although the weekend starts on Friday, coming to Mexico a day before will guarantee you three magical days to discover this city. Besides, the plane tickets tend to be cheaper on this day.

2.    Make a list with all the places you want to visit

From breath-taking museums to extreme amusement parks, Mexico City has many activities for all kinds of travelers. So, if you want to take the most advantage possible of your weekend-getaway, it is recommendable to list all the places you are interested in. Perhaps you wouldn’t have enough time to visit them all, but you would have a great time trying.

3.    Make your phone your strongest ally

One of the toughest challenges travelers face when coming to Mexico City is finding the way out to restaurants, museums, and attractions. We thus encouraged you to turn your smartphone into your best companion. To do so, you just have to download these apps:

  • Uber, Didi
  • Uber eats
  • Google Maps
  • Metro Ciudad de México

4.    Set the best route to your event

Whether we admit it or not, Mexico City has severe traffic issues, which become chaotic when there’s an event ongoing. A massive quantity of people moving from one side of the city to the other makes public transportation become overcrowded. Hence, during the two hours before and after the event, reaching any place turns to be nearly impossible. So, if you previously define a route, you can set a plan to come closer to the event venue as time goes by. You may visit a museum, a restaurant or go shopping on your journey there. In the end, you would only have to arrive at the entrance and enjoy the show.

5.    Focus on the experience 

Undeniably, a weekend getaway to Mexico City is simply indescribable. You must live it yourself to find out how it is. Thus, we recommend you to seize the moment. Create the most beautiful memories, go sightseen as much as you can, and scream your happiness out loud.

If you want to get further advice on what you can do there, don’t hesitate to read our Guide to survive a weekend in Mexico City.