5 restaurants in CDMX that you must visit

Traveling to Mexico City is an experience that you must live at least once in your life. And not only will you love it for its sublime architecture and its impressive view in the Historic Center and surroundings, but also, it has a wide gastronomic offer that you must try to make your visit an even more memorable moment.
Whether you want to taste the typical food of the city, such as street tacos, the famous “Guajolota” with its best companions: atole or champurrado, or a more elaborate experience like the best restaurants in the area, we are sure that this city has a special menu for you. We have thus prepared this post with travel tips so you can choose the best option.
Whether it is your first time in Mexico City, and you want a restaurant with delicious food or if you are already an expert traveler and want to surprise someone special with an excellent menu and an unforgettable experience, here are five excellent options, which, we are sure, you will want to visit again.

Komali restaurant
Komali, located next to the main lobby of the Hotel Kali Escandón, is a restaurant that stands out for its experience in Mexican and international food. If your intention is to get fully involved with the festivities, Komali and its seasonal dishes are the best option you can go for.
Thus, in September, you can taste its exquisite pozole or the traditional “Pan de Muerto”. While in December, get delighted with the Christmas-stuffed turkey breast.

Whether you go alone or accompanied, Komali will be an excellent option to have a good time, while enjoying its varied gastronomic offer and its Mexican-style decorations.
Don’t forget that if you are a guest in Kali Hotels, you can enjoy these dishes from the comfort of your room, taking advantage of its room service.

Komali Cafe
If your intention is to have a good time with friends or enjoy your aloneness, we recommend Kali Café, located in Kali Ciudadela Hotel. There is nothing better than their selection of sandwiches and ciabattas for an abundant breakfast or their delicious salads, for those who are on a diet.
And, if that weren’t enough, you can’t miss the breakfast buffet with dishes that are a complete delight.
In addition, this cafe is ideal to spend a pleasant time during the afternoon with snacks, such as nuggets, cheese fingers, pizza, and French fries, among others.

Lastly, you must taste all the exquisite beverages in the menu, where you can find frappés, smoothies, soft drinks, beers, as well as a variety of hot drinks, as well as a wide selection of fine wines and spirits.
Without a doubt, having a coffee in Komali invites you to have a good time accompanied by your loved ones, while enjoying a good drink and snacks.

Balcoń del Zócalo
Another unmissable restaurant in Mexico City is the Balcón del Zócalo. As the name implies, it has one of the best views of the city, in a romantic and distinguished ambiance.
This restaurant is absolutely instapostable , so if your intention is to spend a romantic moment or have an unparalleled experience, it will be an excellent option.

Mother Coffee
Located in Roma neighborhood, Madre Café is a good option if you want a unique and special evening. Here you will find a charming terrace in a house.
So, besides its spectacular decoration, you will enjoy its menu of incredible breakfasts and carajillos.
Madre Café is a good choice for celebrations, whether they are birthdays, anniversaries, or business dinners.

This restaurant in Polanco is ideal for those who want an all-Italian experience. It stands out for its menu with Mediterranean flavors, as well as its decoration. We are sure that you will love its modern and cozy architecture, covered with a roof formed by more than 5000 lemons. Without a doubt it is an experience that will take you to the best of Italy without leaving the CDMX.
Following these travel tips, you will surely find a good option to eat in Mexico City. Thus, you won’t have to worry about anything unless picking the most appealing restaurant from those we have just presented to you.
Our best recommendation is Komali Café, and if you are a guest of Kali Hotels, you will have the plus that you can taste their delicious menu from the comfort of your room.
And if adventure is your thing, Kali is close to train, metrobus and bus stations, making your experience easier to enjoy.
You must remember that you can’t leave Mexico City without having tried delicious street food, such as “Guajolota”, which will be a true Mexican-style experience.
As you may have noticed, for tastes there are flavors in the CDMX. So, you must only decide where you want to begin your “deliciousness journey”.