Mexico City, founded by the Spainards in 1521, has an incredible cultural richness and tourism. As It has a huge tourism affluence, spending vacations in Mexico City is a great idea. If you are planning to travel to Mexico City these holidays, we give you 5 tips to enjoy like never before this city.

  1. Find a nice place to stay

Choosing the right hotel is the most important thing to consider, even more after a long flight after which you just want a comfortable place to rest. Luckly, Mexico City has a wide variety of hotels. So, you won’t spend much time looking for the right one like Kali Escandon.

  • Find the best way to get around the city

Once you have found the best hotel, you should know the best way to get around Mexico City. Here a list public transport in Mexico City:

  • Subway is the cheapest and the fast way to move inside the city. Just buy some tickets at any station or a prepaid card and get on the adventure.
  • Caps are more expensive than the underground, however for traveling short distances are the perfect choice. Choosing them will let you discover the magnificent buildings this city has.
  • Uber Services are amazing when you want the comfort of a taxi and the knowledge of local drives. As they have mostly growth there, they are aware of shortcuts, monuments and history
  • Fin the best places to visit in Mexico City

Mexico city is famous for having lots of attractions and great places to visit like:

  • El zócalo.
  • El palacio de bellas artes.
  • La biblioteca José Vasconcelos.
  • Cineteca Nacional.
  • Arena México.
  • El castillo de Chapultepec.
  • El museo nacional de antropología

Each one of them will help you to discover and admire the Mexican culture, so don’t hesitate, go and visit the greater attractions that Mexico City has.

  • Enjoy its exquisite food.

There’s no better way to discover the cultural heritage of a city than tasting its delicious cuisine. Mexico City is thus a widely renowned place for having the best restaurants in the country.

La Matazona: Do you enjoy seafood? If you do, you should visit la matazona and enjoy its delicious pesacadillas, fresh oyster and homemade sauces!

Al- Andalus: One of the best restaurants in Mexico City located in “la libanesa” community. There’s no exception, all dishes in the menu are delicious.

Paramo: Are you a taco lover? Yes?  Then you must visit paramo.  A modern taqueria, where you can find the best tacos with traditional recipes and an authentic Mexican atmosphere.

  • Discover the Mexican History through the monuments:

When going on a trip, discovering new cultures is unavoidable. Thus, going on a journey through the milestones of a city is the best way possible to admire its heritage. So, as Mexico City is well known for its breathtaking historical monuments, you can’t miss the chance to take an instapic in:

  • El angel de la independencia.
  • La Diana Cazadora.
  • Monumento a la Revolución.
  • Altar a la patria.
  • Fuente de petroleos.

Through day and night, you will always have something to do in this city whether you decide to have an exquisite meal, a pleasant walk across the downtown or simply have some rest at Kali Escandon Hotel.  If you want to live the ultimate experience in Mexico City, don’t hesitate anymore and book a room now!