Art and cultural events in Mexico City

Art and cultural events in Mexico City

Mexico has undoubtedly a great cultural heritage spreaded all over the country. Each state has its own traditions, dance, music, food and even clothing. Do you dare to discover Mexican art and culture?

The wide Mexican history, customs and traditions have preserved their pure essence. Neither the culture nor the art hasn’t therefore been forgotten. Events in Mexico City are the very best proof of that.

If you want to know more about Mexican culture and find out the upcoming events, keep on reading:

  • The bull and other stories: Would you like to relive the history through the art? Well, Eduardo Sarabia is going to present a rich collection of ceramic vases in the Museo Universitario del Chopo which recount his main milestones.
  • He was my buddy (Era mi compa) : If you are looking for some fun, theatre is the best choice. “Era mi compa” is a hilarious comedy about three friends who, despite being so close, hide a secret. The theatre play will be presented from June 11th to July 31th at La teatrería.
  • National Dance Company “Carmina Burana”: Are a dance lover? Do you love poetry as well? Perfect! Then you can not miss “Carmina Burana” at the Fine Arts Palace from June 16th to 23th. This scenic cantata based on 24 poems from a medieval collection and music composed by Carl Orff is undoubtedly a masterpiece! What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets and have a good time full of music, poertry and dance.
  • Rodrigo Moya’s exhibition: If you love photography, the Palace of Fine Arts will be hosting a Rodrigo Moya’s photograph exhibition. This collection portrays the contrast between the modern Mexican society and the traditional one. Don’t miss the opportunity of walking through the corridors of this gorgeous museum and relive the Mexican history.
  • Lucky women (Suertudotas): Films are undoubtedly part of our culture thanks to unforgettable characters, like Andres Garcia, who has set the contemporary-Mexican-gentleman image. In June, Mauricio Garces will make you laugh with his new production “Suertudotas”, a mixture of the “galan mexicano” and some famous film that will bring you back to the ’70s. You can’t miss it!

If you want to know more about our cultural heritage, festivals and events in Mexico city are unmissable activities during your visit. Now you certainly want to spend some days in the town, and discover the great cultural offer. So, your are wondering where to stay in Mexico City? Aren’t you?

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