Boast your trip to Mexico city with these pics

Humans have always wanted to create everlasting memories. No matter whether it was a trip or an achievement, a milestone has always been set. Photos have therefore born to immortalize the most precious moments. Moments which will be later recalled as the funniest and wildest adventures.


in Mexico City aren’t an exception to this rule. As this is one of the hugest metropolises worldwide, it’s full of gorgeous sceneries worthy of a photo shooting where you will surely create treasured memories.   So, if you want to discover the best places to photograph in Mexico City, keep on reading this amazing guide.  


we start, you must know that Mexico City has as many activities as places to shoot. You can thus plan to visit the most famous monuments, museum and historical sites on your way to become an Instagram star.

What are the best places to shoot in Mexico City?

  • Palace of Fine Arts

Renowned for its amazing architecture, the National Palace of Fine Arts is the perfect location to capture your first pic. Besides, you can marvel yourself by walking through its halls full of paintings, sculptures and murals.

  • Templo Mayor

The Great Temple is an archeological site which represents the fall of Aztec Empire. Walking across the ruins will be an astonishing experience. When shooting remember that you must disable the flash before hitting the button.

  • Polyforum Siqueiros

This is one of the weirdest building you will ever visit. Venue for concerts, movie and theater plays, it is a wonderful scenery for an unconventional souvenir.

  • Metropolitan Cathedral

Undeniably the most impressive building in all Mexico. Not just for being the biggest but also the oldest church in the country. As more than 200 years of history are preserved within its walls, it is an unmissable stop in your photography tour. Moreover, if you want to capture an authentic Mexican-baroque building.  

  • Mexican Revolution Monument

It has the gorgeous view of all Mexico City. At first sight it is an immense dome in the middle of downtown with nothing in particular to offer. However, once you get there, you realized that it has the most spectacular shot of city lights.

  • Independence Angel

You can’t leave Mexico City without a photo of this monument. Located in Reforma Avenue, it is the most iconic pic of them all. Even though taking a photo of it may be complicated, it is completely worthy. We recommend you be there as soon as the sun rises, long before the traffic congestion.

What to do alongside in Mexico City?

  • Enjoy some coffee

Mexico City has so many traditional cafes that you must take some time to sit, relax an enjoy a cup of Veracruz coffee with some freshly baked bread.

  • Visit Museums

Being the capital of the country goes further beyond a public affairs center. It is also the national main city of arts, culture and history. It has therefore the greatest museums. So, if you want to discover the Mexican heritage in few steps, don’t hesitate to visit the National Anthropology Museum and the National History Museum.

  • Go Nature

At the foot of the National History Museum (Chapultepec), there is a wide forest where you can find some fresh air, waterfalls and a quiet place to relax. It is also a fantastic spot to taste some local snacks like esquites (boiled corn with mayo and spices), raspados (snow cones) and cotton candies.

As you can notice, Mexico City has a wide range of attractions. So, don’t lost any precious time, grab your camera and do this photo journey to create an album which will help you remember how wonderful was your vacation at Mexico City. Of course, none of this would be complete without a great and unique accommodation, so let us make your visit an unforgettable moment … Come! We will be waiting for you at Kali Hotels. It will be a pleasure to assist you!