Do you know what #VL20 is?

If you love good music and you follow Mexico City’s top concerts, then you probably know that #VL20 stands for Vive Latino 2020. A music festival that goes beyond the ordinary and represents more than just a stage, artists and spotlights.

Vive Latino 2020 represents a space for inclusion and artistic distribution. In other words, no matter what your music taste, religion, or political preferences are, in this festival, we are all music and art lovers.

Foro Sol will host both internationally recognized bands and some exciting local talent from March 14 – 15, 2020.

Who will play at Vive Latino 2020?

As we previously said, this festival includes all kinds of bands. From the classic ones for bringing up nostalgia, to brand new talent, such as:

  • DLD
  • Porter
  • Caifanes
  • División Minúscula
  • La Castañeda
  • Intocable
  • Víctimas del Doctor Cerebro
  • Hello Seahorse!
  • Bengala
  • Los Callgaris
  • San Pascualito Rey
  • Kill Aniston
  • Odisseo
  • Liquits
  • Ritmo Peligroso
  • The Plastic’s Revolution
  • Resorte
  • Lost Aculpo
  • Gun’s and Roses
  • Carlos Vives
  • The Cardigans

The Vive Latino 2020 experience

Not every event in Mexico City is as important as this one. Imagine this: in one section, the best bands from Mexico and the world will be rocking their show, while on the other, families are sharing their love for music at “El Parque.”

Vive Latino will have plenty of entertainment areas. For example, “El Parque” is a space for everyone to enjoy different activities, such as creating your rockstar, air guitar competitions, and alternative music workshops.

If you already purchased your ticket but don’t know how to get to Foro Sol, Vive Latino offers transportation services. You can take Ticket2Ride, which departure from Mexico City’s leading shopping malls, or if you prefer vintage style, ride on “Colectivo vintage.”

Please visit the official page for more information on transport to Vive Latino.

Vive Latino 2020 is a beautiful musical experience which you can’t miss, so mark your calendar on March 14 – 15, and see you at Foro Sol!

Moreover, remember that traveling to Mexico City is the perfect opportunity for discovering new places, like museums or shops, or just wandering around the beautiful streets of the Historic Centre. Therefore, if you decide to be part of Vive Latino, check out our Guide for a weekend at Mexico City, where we’ll teach you our favorite tips for enjoying this city to the fullest.

What are you waiting for? Start packing and get ready for singing and dancing at Vive Latino 2020!