Five things of Mexico City that you sould know

If you’re about to travel to Mexico City for the first time or it’s been a while since your last visit, keep on reading. We will share with you five tips nobody tells you about Mexico City, which, despite being so common, can completely change your vacation experience. 

1. Everything is closed on Mondays 

The fact of museums, galleries, monuments, and archeological sites closing on Mondays is one of the saddest things we have to face when traveling to Mexico City. Although it is entirely understandable, the undeniable truth is that you must plan what to do on these days. We thus advise you to use Mondays as traveling days. This way, you will only think about flights, arriving at the hotel or have a restful evening. On the other hand, if you want more exciting plans than just resting in your room, follow us on this blog. Soon we will post an article about What you can do on Mondays in Mexico City. 

2. Subway is the fastest way to move across the city 

We know that tubes aren’t the most elegant nor chick way of transportation in Mexico City, yet they are the most efficient. Because of being fast and economical, Metro is ideal for moving around the city at record speed. Besides, by walking through some stations, you may discover some secret exhibitions about its history, culture, and people. There’s one in Bellas Artes station, for instance, which presents agallery about the story behind this Mexican architectural masterpiece. 

3. Eat for less than three bucks 

If there’s something Mexico City can boast about is being friendly and super cheap. Although you can find fancy restaurants, there are many places where you can have a delicious meal for a few dollars. Actually, if you want to know the authentic Mexican cuisine, we highly encourage you to try some street food like tamales, guajolotas (tamal sandwiches), tacos, quesadillas, and churros. The best thing! Most of these dishes will cost you three bucks or less. 

4. One card for everything 

Indeed, traffic jams used to be a significant issue in Mexico City. However, since all public transportation-system got standardized, traffic has become less complicated. So much that the city administration has even introduced a prepaid card, you can be used to pay any mean of transportation (except for taxis, uber, etc.). This card only costs 5 Mexican pesos, and it can hold up to 100. Undeniably a great idea when you don’t want to carry extra cash for paying the subway, buses or any other transport. 

5. Dinner is served till 10.00 p.m. 

Were you planning to have dinner late in the night? Well, let us tell you that it isn’t the best idea. As most restaurants stop serving dinner after 10, it isn’t straightforward to find a good meal near midnight. So, we recommend you to call the restaurant you want to visit and ask about the kitchen schedule. If there’s no chance you can have dinner before 10 p.m., or you’re a victim of munchies, then you have three options to choose from: 

o   Tacos 

Ideal for a midnight snack, taquerias (taco-specialized restaurants) serve them 24/7 all over the city. So, it will be easy to find them, no matter the time. Just be careful with the sauce, most of them are extra spicy and super-hot. 

o   Uber Eats, DIDI Food, Sin Delantal, etc. 

As food-delivering apps always have service, they are ideal for ordering a delicious meal when you want to stay in the comfort of your room. So don’t hesitate to do it! 

o   Churreria “El Moro” 

Believe it or not, this restaurant serves churros all day long. It would, therefore, be an excellent choice for enjoying a delightful cup of hot cocoa and a sweet snack. You will find this magical place on Eje Central Avenue just next to Juan de Letran-Station entrance. 

As you can see, Mexico City is a place full of surprises. If you want to discover them all, follow us on this blog. We share guides, tips, and secrets of this beautiful city.