Hello Kali Ciudadela!

Arrival of the new brand “Kali Hotels” was the starting point to become a differentiator in terms of quality and high standards in the hosting service. Inspired by the meaning of the word Kali, of Nahuatl origin, which refers to “house”, seeks to give identity, admiration and respect for a language that several populations used as a it´s official language (including the Aztecs or Mexicas).


At present it is a language that continues to be spoken by around two million people. Many Mexican schools and universities teach Nahuatl courses for those who wish to learn it. That is why at Kali Hotels we have our origins rooted, endeavouring to transcend and innovate in each of our rooms, facilities, amenities and the best service; Make you feel at home.




It was born as a concept designed for both business and tourism travelers, where you can find all the comfort and warmth you deserve in each of its completely renovated spaces, with the distinctive quality service that you already know about Kali Hotels.

With a privileged location because we have several points of interest very close as, for example just one block away, in front of the Morelos garden, and known as The Plaza de la Ciudadela is located “El Mercado de la Ciudadela” which translates to “The market of the Citadel”, one of the most famous handicraft markets in Latin America, which is located in Balderas street. As historical data of this site, we tell you that as of June 1, 1965 the first handicraft market was established, with the name of “La Feria de la Ciudadela” and a year later it would be consolidated as the Union of artisans and similar to the Mexican Republic. Thus giving birth to the Craft Market “La Ciudadela”, exposing products made from different regions of our country, for 49 years.


Do not forget to visit this market because it is extensively known for the production and commercialization of products made by Mexican hands, maintaining tradition, colour, creativity and love for our Mexico.


Undoubtedly, Kali Ciudadela becomes an important part of the collection of hotels that make up the Kali family where our main goal is to enjoy your stay, leave the rest in our hands, we assure you that you will feel at home.