How is Christmas celebrated in Mexico?

Christmas in Mexico has a great variety of traditions and customs, among which family celebrations such as Las Posadas, where you feel all the warmth of home and the environment is contagious with joy and enthusiasm of the little ones so that the day arrives in May the Magi leave you an expected gift.

It is also distinguished by the typical and sweet dishes, highly acclaimed at this time of the year, in which the streets are dressed in colors and joy with the already famous good night flowers and piñatas. Do not stop reading, because in Kali Escandón we will tell you the highlights for this season.

POSADAS In our Mexican culture we always prepare nine days before December 24, that is, we begin on December 16 with the famous Posadas, a very religious celebration where people perform a procession, recreating the Virgin Mary and St. José with a litany looking for an inn in Bethlehem; where the baby Jesus can be born.

The party is celebrated in the streets, people gather to sing and dance, as well as to pray litanies and chants, surrounded by lights and flares that are shared among those present. When everyone arrives at the inn, the party begins. Besides that, we Mexicans feel such devotion for the Christmas season that we even made the pre-hotel, which are done before and are very similar.

BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST  If in other places the Christmas tree cannot be absent, in Mexico births is indispensable, which are placed on December 16 and kept until February 2 when the holidays end. The main figures of Bethlehem are the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the baby Jesus which is placed on December 24 at night and the Magi, whose figures are added on January 5, as well as the animals of the manger, the shepherds and the angel.

On the night of December 24, many families come to the Mass of Gallo, which is celebrated at midnight and then open their gifts, placed next to the birth. Sometimes, children usually open gifts on the 25th in the morning.

FAIRS AND MARKETS At this time there are also several fairs and craft markets, which sell all kinds of Christmas decorations, such as fruits, Christmas spheres, colorful piñatas, and sweets, among other things. The traditional red flower that shines all over Mexico this season is the Poinsettias better known as “Noche Buena”, which used to symbolize for the Indians “the new life” that the warriors killed in combat achieved.

PIÑATA In no Mexican Christmas can the traditional piñata be missing, which is usually made of clay or cardboard, but it is not any piñata, since it has a star shape with seven peaks, each of which symbolizes a capital sin. Inside there are usually typical Mexican sweets better known as collation, fruit and other prizes, but to get them you must hit the piñata with a stick and with your eyes covered with a scarf that represents blind faith.

The one that hits first, has to turn several times to lose the sense of direction while others sing: “Give, give, give, do not lose your sense, because if you lose it, you lose the way. You gave him one, you gave him two, you gave him three and your time is over. One two Three!”.

Once the piñata is broken, everyone enjoys the delicious typical Mexican dishes such as tamales, donut, churros, punch and hot chocolate, among others. All this and much more you can enjoy in your next visit to Kali Escandón, where with all the Mexican atmosphere and warmth that distinguishes us, we will make your stay a unique moment to make you feel comfortable.