Instagram and CDMX, a Great Combination.


Today, social networks are the basis of our daily life. When we see a picture and imagine that we are in that place, our mind starts to wander.

We share everything through our photographs and hashtags: Life, love, travel, places, food. For this reason, we invite you to share Mexico City through its spaces.

The charms of the Mexican capital are to be admired, there are so much to see and so many places to choose, among museums, historical places or typical tourist places.

Do not know what to see or where to take a different picture? We give you a help with the following recommendations:

  • Angel de la independencia: Have you ever thought about having a photo in the tower of the Angel of Independence? It is a very emblematic figure of Mexico City, a place to celebrate being Mexican whether winning a football game, enjoying a concert, as a point of reference or simply to remember how beautiful the city is. We encourage you to go up to the viewpoint and have that perfect image to share. #Angeldelaindependecia
  • Catedral Mexicana: If you’re looking for a different photo, the Cathedral of Mexico City offers a tour of its deepest and highest corners. Can you imagine walking on the facade of the cathedral? It is a World Heritage Site and you can climb up to the belfry to enjoy the views of the Plaza del Zocalo or take a selfie with the National Palace in the background. An unforgettable experience that you will surely want to repeat. #CatedralMexicana
  • Torre Latinoamericana: The Latin American Tower is centrally located. It is the skyscraper that at México Kali Hotelesone time was one of the highest in the world, not counting the United States, so if you want to have one of the most impressive views of the city this is a point that you can not miss to visit, enjoy and share. #Torrelatinoamericana
  • Monument a la  Revolucion: It is an architectural work that you can not miss. Do not forget to take a picture in your viewpoint. It’s an amazing place to have a selfie with that specialMéxico Kali Hoteles person. Their views of another part of the city make it a mandatory stop. #Monumentoalarevolucion.
  • Castillo de Chapultepec: Finally, you can not leave without visiting this majestic castle, its huge garden, stairs or hallways will make you spend a great time enjoying the views and, without a doubt, you have to share with your followers. #Castillodechapultepec

Sure with these recommendations you will have the best photos to share since Mexico City is full of magical places.

If you want to know more, follow @CiudaddeMexico on Instagram. There you will find more places worth posting and that will make you live unforgettable experiences.

Do not stay indoors, go out and get to know the city. Stay in one of the most central places. Kali Hoteles offers a great service that will allow you to get to know Mexico City, creating a great experience.