Spring break in Mexico city

Whether you are Mexican or not, traveling to Mexico City is always a wonderful experience. As one of the most important cities in Latin America, it is an unmissable stop during your trip in Mexico. However, if your have never visited it before, you might be wondering – What to do in Mexico City?

Certainly, answering this question is really challenging. This city not only has lots of cultural and historical expressions, but also entertainment wherever you go. There are so many that attempting to visit them all is almost an impossible task. We suggest therefore to choose the most interesting ones.

Keep on reading if you want to discover our secret places and tips to make your Spring Break in Mexico City a complete success.

Mexico City

If it is your first time in the Mexican Capital, there are a few things you should consider before traveling like: districts, transportation and all city attractions. First, you must look at a map and set up a plan of what you want to visit each day. Even though attractions are apparently close one form the other, transportation is usually subject to delay. In brief, shorter the distance you must cover, larger the time you will have to spend at museums, monuments, parks, etc.

Now then, if you have no other choice than traveling long distances, you should book a room in a hotel near a subway station just like Kali Escandon  or like Kali Ciudadela hotels.  On the other side, Uber is also an amazing option when you must move into the same district. Those drivers are not only locals who perfectly know the city’s secrets but also the cars are way cleaner and safer.

Our last advice could mean the difference between success or fail. In few words it’s about getting your stomach ready to stand all delicious Mexican food. As you may know, Mexican cuisine is renowned for being spicy and hot. So that, when people eat it for the first time, they usually get sick. However, avoiding this illness is just a matter of an antacid drug. Drinking it some minutes before eating will guarantee that your mouth still waters when hearing tacos.

3 unmissable places in Mexico City

Choosing only three places ended up being impossible. All of them are so impressive that excluding some would be certainly an offense. So, instead of presenting 3 places, we will present 3 groups of places that you can’t miss in Mexico City.


Speaking of Spring Break in Mexico City is synonym of culture, art and tradition. Museums are therefore in the spotlight of our list. Most representative museum of Mexican history and heritage are undoubtedly here, museums like the National Anthropology Museum, San Carlos National Art Museum and The Soumaya. Besides, there are other sights worthy of being visited such as The Revolution monument or the Fine-Arts Palace.

Amusement Parks

If you are traveling with kids, teenagers or you are an extreme-emotions lover, you should save a date to go to Six Flags, La Feria or Kidzania. At the end of the day, Mexico is one of the few cities in the country that can boast of having amusement parks.


Setting aside the religious connotation of churches and Holy-Week vacations, you can enjoy the gorgeous Mexican baroque architecture. As main square is plentiful of them, having a walk around it seems to be an excellent idea to discover them.

Although, Mexico City is vast in attractions, the State of Mexico has other wonders that must be visited such as Teotihucan, Xochimilco and La Marquesa. In case you want to visit them, you can hire a tour and enjoy the complete experience.

Have a nice trip!