The Mexican Gastronomy: Definitely the best!

The Mexican Gastronomy: Definitely the best!


From different points of North, South, East and West of Mexico, we can behold its diverse landscapes ranging from rivers, forest, jungles, lakes, seas, mountains, volcanos and desserts. All of the natural and geographical diversity of our country are also equal to the great variety of its gastronomy.


The Mexican gastronomy is broad and every region has its unique recipes and traditional dishes. This gastronomy has its start since prehispanic times where beans, corn, chilly and insects such as ants, maguey worms and chapulines (Mexican grasshoppers) were the main food enjoyed by the people for their great sources of protein. Nowadays, these insects or bugs are still enjoyed in the form of snacks and they are cook with lemon, chilly and onion. Did you expect something like this? Would you dare to taste it? Go for it, try something new!


The Mexican Flavor


The gastronomy of CDMX (Mexico City) is colorful, varied and with great flavors; the latest are even declared by UNESCO in 2010 as Intangible Cultural Heritage. The reason for this award is because every Mexican dish can transport you to century back filled with history, comida mexicana kali hotelesculture and civilizations. Nowadays, the dishes are mainly conformed of ingredients such as corn and chilly, and they are match with cacao, avocado and pumpkin. Mainly, the tortillas gave away dishes such as the “flautas”, “tacos” or “tostadas”. Now you would surely be asking yourself: What are the main dishes, chilly, sauces, desserts and drinks that can be find in CDMX restaurants?


The names of the most famous dishes in Mexico are “tacos”, “chilaquiles”, “tamales”, “pozoles” (hominy stew), “enchiladas”, “tostadas”, “mole”, “fajitas”, “burritos”, “empanadas”, “quesadillas”, “tortas”, “banderillas” (corn dog), “huaraches”, “shrimp in chilly-water”, “chicken dip in pipián sauce”, “fish ceviche” and many more. In Mexico is common to have different kind of chilly flavor to match the main dish, such as: Pasilla Chilly, Habanero Chilly, Serrano Pepper, Poblano Chilly, Green Chilly, Chiplote Chilly, Bell Pepper, Pequín Pepper, Tree Chilly, and many others.


A special touch to many dishes are the sauces which are broad as well, sauces such as the tabasco sauce, the hot sauce, the mole sauce, pico de gallo, mango sauce, green sauce, red sauce, guacamole, and many more. The food is pair with drinks such as the different kind of “aguas frescas” (fresh water) that are mainly seasonal fruits or traditional drinks such as tequila, mescal, pulque or the tepache. To end every great meal, it is always important to leave space for some great desserts such as the sweetness of guava, papaya or pumpkin, caramelize apple, coco kisses, caramelized peanuts, ate de mamey (sugared mamey), just to mention a few.


Don’t miss out on the best restaurants in CDMX on your list to taste the best savory dishes. It is important to mention that the list of restaurants in CDMX is very, very long, so pick out the ones that you like best, and those that are more matching to the ones you want to try.


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