The ultimate guide for a weekend getaway in Mexico City

Are you thinking about going on a weekend trip to Mexico City? Maybe because of an event, a concert?  Well, you are in the correct blog. In this post, we are about to share with you all our favorite secrets to spend a fabulous escapade in Mexico City.

Some Tips

Before telling our list of restaurants and attractions, there are some general tips that you must know:

  • Keep an eye on traffic jams. Although distances in Mexico City may seem short in maps, in real life, they could surprise you, as this city has severe traffic issues in peak hours.
  • Set a plan of 2 to 3 activities per day. Mexico City’s attractions are so impressive that it would be tough to visit more than three a day.
  • Research the special events that will be available during your stay. As this city is the capital of the country, there are many events all year long. So, knowing what’s coming up is an excellent idea when you love theatre plays and concerts.

Where can I eat in Mexico City?

Food in Mexico City is a big deal. Having all kinds of restaurants, this city is renowned for its vast gastronomic culture. Thanks to it, you won’t suffer looking for a place to eat. You can choose among Mexican, International, or theme restaurants.

Some of our favorites are:

  • Kali Escandón’s and Kali Ciudadela’s Restaurants.
  • The tacos and quesadillas stand in Coyoacan market
  • El Cardenal
  • La Popular
  • All kinds of street food

What to do in Mexico City?

As said before, Mexico City is full of unmissable attractions. However, visiting them all on the weekend is almost an impossible task. We thus encourage you to choose which ones you love the most and enjoy them to the limit.

Here a list with our favorite sites of interest:


  1. Soumaya
  2. El Museo Nacional de San Carlos
  3. El Castillo de Chapultepec


  1. Monumento de la Revolución
  2. El Ángel de la Independencia
  3. La Diana Cazadora

Go Sightseeing

  1. Palacio Nacional
  2. El Zócalo de la Ciudad de México
  3. El Palacio de Bellas Artes

As you can see, there are a massive number of places you can visit.

Once you have decided to which ones you are going to go, it shall be the time of wondering…

How can I move inside the city?

Public Transportation

If Mexico City cloud boasts about something, it would definitely be the public transportation system. After it was unified some years ago, it has become much more efficient. Nowadays, users can take advantage of the speed and low-cost it has.

Uber | Didi

Another way of moving around is by casting an Uber or a Didi. Those transportation means are famous for being more expensive than public transportation, but they also are more comfortable and faster.


Absolutely less comfortable than Ubers or Didis, but way cheaper. Taxis are thus an excellent choice when you need to travel small distances. If you get on one, just keep in mind that most cab drivers don’t speak English and don’t accept any other currency but Mexican Pesos.

Where to stay in Mexico City?

We do know the great challenge it is to find the right hotel in Mexico City. However, we are also confident that finding accommodation in Hoteles Kali will be the best decision ever. By doing so, you would join the best of two worlds: on the one hand the amusement of discovering a new city and, on the other, the best events and concerts.

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