First time in Mexico City? 4 must know tips, to improve your experience!

Travelling to new places is always a wonderful and exciting experience. Packing luggage, time spent in airports and even going through customs seem just to rise our expectations of an unforgettable vacation. For instance, since arriving at Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City, you may feel all good vibes of Mexican culture, traditions and history.  Besides, the ride to Hotel Kali Escandon will make you realize that Mexico´s Downtown can and will revive the colonial era during your visit.

Get ready to discover al the secrets of Mexican capital city, just after checking-in! Look at these 4 tips for first-time travelers in Mexico City.

  1. Design your Itinerary!

This advice may be the oldest trick in the book, however I´s the most useful too. Having planned where to go and what to do will save you precious time during your vacation. Mexico City as many others around the world has plenty of tourist attractions, such as: nightclubs, theme parks, art galleries and museums.  Visiting them all is quite an impossible task, mainly because of city being divided in districts and each one having its own tourist sights. So, in order to visit as many as possible, you should designate a day or two for each district.

  1. Subway is much better!

Mexico City is known for being one of the biggest and most modern urban settlements in Latin America. Despite being overpopulated; the city offers an economic and efficient alternative for moving. Subway is, therefore, the most practical mean of transportation, However, metro might be a little frightening to unexperimented users that are not acquainted to our underground system or the line layout.  In which case, you can have a complete map of subway lines in your hand, just by downloading “Metro – Metrobus offline“ for Android or “Metro Metrobus Mexico“ for iOS.

  1. Don’t Rush! Enjoy the small details!

You rather have Quantity or Quality?  Traveling to Mexico City implies a challenge when choosing what to do. Even though online researches are the best way of planning a trip, some information might be inaccurate. For instance, a museum could be seen online as tiny and easy-to-walk-through but in real life, it may have some unexpected collections, which will encourage you to increase the time you spend. Concluding, Don’t rush your visit! Give yourself the time of enjoying every single detail!

Finally, if you are an art-and-history lover, we would recommend you to go to the “Museo Nacional de San Carlos“ and the “Soumaya Museum“.

  1. Go for the right location!

This last advice is the ultimate key element that will guarantee having the best vacation ever. Choosing the right hotel in Mexico City doesn’t have to be a headache. Although, everyone has preferences, there are always two constant features that will help you to make the right decisions.

First, having a subway station nearby and second, a hotel that has restaurants, laundry and a convenience store.

Turn your vacation into a brand-new experience with Hotel Kali Escandon and these ultimate tips for first-time travelers in Mexico City! Bon voyage!