Tips to surprise your couple on February 14th at CDMX

Surprise your couple on February 14th

¡Surprise your couple and discover together, the wonderful experience of spending this month of love and friendship in the beautiful city of Mexico!

Mexico City is, without a doubt, one of the ideal destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. As we all know, it is the month, where love comes to reign our hearts. For this reason, we share the best tips for you to surprise that special person this February 14th in CDMX.

1.-First, the first thing: if you are looking for accommodation in a good hotel in Mexico City, Kali Hotels is your best choice! Since it is very close, to the main best-known places of the CDMX and they definitely have to visit together!

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2.-Travel together the most popular places of the CDMX: Have you seen your hand with your couple? As we all know, Mexico City is characterized by having those places so popular in which all those who travel to the city have the dream of knowing. In addition to that are places where, of law, will have to take many photos. Among them are: The Zocalo, National Palace, Museum of Major Temple, National Museum of Art, Metropolitan Cathedral, Garibaldi, fine arts, Forest of Chapultepec… start assembling your itinerary!

3.-The best flavors: not only the best hotels in Mexico City and its attractions around it characterize it, but also its gastronomy! 

Surely, after your long journey in the most popular places in Mexico City will make you hungry! And for that reason we tell you that if you book your accommodation at Kali hotels, you will have access to the restaurant where you can delight your palate, with the best Mexican and international cuisine that will awaken your appetite much more.

Of course! Also in Mexico City, you will find the popular stewed tacos, the most delicious pizzas, burgers, desserts and much more!

4.-Romantic Evenings: Now if we go to the good! Would you like a romantic evening and also wonderful for February 14th? We got what you need! 

Kali hotels, For you advance reservation it gives you as a gift a bottle of sparkling accompanied by delicious strawberries with chocolate!

That without telling you the marvel of a room that you will be able to select in your reservation so that they both pass from a wonderful stay to a beautiful touch of rose petals in our suites with Jacuzzi. Know the promotions that Kali hotels has for you.

5.-Camera: The camera definitely can’t miss in your suitcase travel! Photography museums, what you eat and the different places you visit and of course, your photos together! As they will be the best memories they will have of their February 14th in the beautiful city of Mexico.