Upcoming Concerts in Mexico City of 2019

Music has a great effect on us. Thanks to music, we can convey feelings towards people, because besides being a wonderful language, it brings back feelings and emotions with its perfect combination of rhythm and melody.

Over the years, music has had different ways of expression; from beautiful songs to spectacular concerts, all of them with the purpose to transmit ideas and feelings. Specifically concerts are distinguished for being the most popular way of expression for artists because with them artists can be closer to their fans.

In this 2019, many cities in the country will offer concerts to the public, however, none stand-out as the CDMX 2019 concerts. This time the city will have a variety of artists for the second time, and this year CDMX brings new stars for all music lovers. Regardless of your preferences, the CDMX brings you a great opportunity to live the concerts to the fullest.

What are the upcoming concerts in Mexico City?

Take a seat and get ready! Here is a list of the upcoming concerts in CDMX 2019, you cannot miss!

  • Hugh Jackmann: Get ready to enjoy Hugh Jackman’s performing the most iconic Broadway’s songs from Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman and many other musicals. This show is presenting this October 19th in Arena Mexico.
  • Howard Jones: The great English Legend, Howard Jones is coming to Mexico City on September 11 to celebrate his 35th anniversary of “Human Lib”. Rock. Undoubtedly, if you decide to venture to this concert, you will live emotions and mixed feelings while listening to this great rock star. This show will be performed in Plaza Condesa.
  • Muse: Conspiracy theories, Life in Space, and Futuristic Vision are the most representative things of Muse’s music. It’s going to be great, so you cannot miss this on 2nd and 3rd of October at the Foro Sol. This is the opportunity to live the Mexican euphoria of this band. Muse has many fans in Mexico that won’t miss this concert, Are you up for it?
  • Hypnosis Festival – Festival Hipnosis : This October 24 is going to be the psychedelic rock festival “Hypnosis”. This show is going to present for the first time bands such as Stereolab and Electric Wizard, who will provide an unforgettable experience. If you enjoy Rock, you cannot sit-out on this spectacular festival. It will take place in Las Caballerías, so you should not think about it anymore and attend this great concert. 
  • Dido: For first time, the English singer Dido visits CDMX to give a great concert, in which she will sing her singles such as: Don’t Leave Home or Thank You, she will also perform her new songs, without doubt they will pass you on their beat. That is why you must attend this November 10 to the National Auditorium (Auditorio Nacional) and enjoy the magnificent songs that Dido has for you.
  • Corona Capital 2019: The most famous music festival comes back to Mexico City this November 16th and 17th. The major representatives of national and international indie-rock music will be rejoined in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodirguez for the 10th Chapter of this fest.

The CDMX 2019 concerts are coming with a great attitude and euphoria and ready to make you live the music in a spectacular way. For that reason, you should not miss-out the great opportunity of 2019 to see international and national stars in the upcoming concerts in CDMX 2019.

Attend a concert undoubtedly is an opportunity to be seized, because it’s not the same as when you listen to music by yourself than feeling the euphoria with many other fans in a concert, so think about it and go for it! 

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