What do Kali’s guests comment on TripAdvisor?

We know that TripAdvisor has become one of the most trustful platforms when you want to know how experience is like in a hotel. So, we want to share with you some of the latest comments about Kali Escandon and Kali Ciudadela guests have posted on the traveling-owl website for you to know us a bit more.

However, before you read the comments, you must know that Kali has two different hotels in Mexico City. Hotels that might seem similar but are completely distinct. So, they are ideal for several kinds of travelers.

Now then, if you are looking for accommodation in Mexico City, you may find some inspiration on the comments of Kali Escandon and Ciudadela.

What are the reviews of Kali Escandon?

In spite of having slightly different opinions, most of our guests claim that Kali Escandon’s experience is a pleasant experience.

Here some of the latest comments:

Recommended hotel in the west of the city

“The room was comfortable ( really cozy) and it has a perfect location for vacation travelers. There are many places of interest nearby. Undoubtedly an excellent choice. It has everything you need, a gym and a restaurant. “

Hector H.

Excellent hotel

“We have a wonderful time there. Service was amazing at the front desk as in a restaurant, food was tasty and the room service fast and efficient. Maids were really kind. Hotel facilities seemed to be in good condition. The room was clean with a wonderful sound-system and T.V. Wifi was good, too. We found a great advantage in the parking lot. If you hire a car, for instance, this hotel is extremely convenient. We are so happy, hoping to come back to Mexico City and the hotel’.

Santiago Espinosa

In love

“I love this hotel so much. Breakfast was unbelievable, it was a buffet. Staff service was warm so my room. I really love it. I will definitely come back on my next trip to Mexico City. I recommend it, it is completely worthy.”

Aura E

As you can notice, most of our guests have said that Kali Escandon’s experience is lovely, whether you travel for leisure or business purposes. In this hotel, you will undeniably find cozy rooms, delicious food and, above all, a home away home.

Even though Kali Escandon seems an ideal choice for leisure tourists, it may be a better option for business ones, like Kali Ciudadela. Recently remodeled, it was adapted to become a top business class hotel.

What are the reviews of Kali Ciudadela?

As in Kali Escandon, Kali Ciudadela’s guests have claimed that their experience was fantastic. So much that they have even given us some suggestions to make it better. We couldn’t be more grateful!

They have usually found convenient the hotel-location and transport-connectivity. They said that the main attractions, monuments, and museums are a few steps away. Besides, having a subway station nearby is a great advantage when you want to move around the city fast.

Here some of the latest comments Ciudadela’s guests have posted on TripAdvisor:

 Wonderful accommodation for enjoying Mexico City downtown

“This hotel has an excellent location. It is easy to either use the public transportation system or find a cab. It also has a huge parking lot where you can leave your car with no extra fee. The rooms are well-equipped, useful and comfortable. 100%- recommended!”


Renewed hotel with a great location

“The hotel had a complete makeover, it has a nice location and clean facilities. The Day of the Dead show was amazing! We loved it, thanks for the experience. Hotel Kali Ciudadela has everything you need for your trip to CDMX. You can go anywhere by using public transport or walk to the main boulevard and reach Bellas Artes. I suggest Luis Moy street, which is the busiest.

An area for opportunity is the short staff for serving breakfast. We were an 8 room group and stayed from 2 to 3 nights and there was only one – maybe 2- waiter, it was not enough for picking up dishes, cleaning, setting up tables, and serving coffee. He was also the one refilling the buffet.

Also, coffee could be better.

If you’re sensitive to noise, you might be bothered as rooms are not so well isolated. However, I think it’s common in hotels at CDMX.”

Makie O

A perfect place for resting.

“A quiet, clean hotel with kind staff and a tasty restaurant. Really close to the Historical Center, handicrafts market, and San Juan market. It’s not recommended to walk around at nighttime in that neighborhood, but you can always get an Uber.”


Excellent quality/price ratio.

“Hotel Kali has an excellent quality/price ratio. It was just renewed, so it might get a little noisy after 9 am, but the facilities, staff, and cleaning were perfect.”

Nancy V.

As you can see, staying at Kali Ciudadela is a great idea when you plan to live CDMX to the fullest, especially the Historical Center.

We hope that these comments helped you decide which Kali Hotel best suits your needs.

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