What to do in CDMX at night?

What to do in CDMX at night?


Mexico City (CDMX) offers the best attractions and fun places, this huge capital has an infinite list of recreations, no matter if its day or night, you’ll always find something to do.

Without a doubt during your stay you’ll fall in-love with the different spots of the city, such as: theme restaurants and delicious food, museums, art expositions, concerts and tours. On this occasion we will share with you the fun things you can do in Mexico City at night.

The attractions of CDMX at night are diverse and now we’ll share with you what you can do in Mexico City at night during your stay in Kali Escandón or Kali Ciudadela.

Kali Escandón has many different options, since its surrounded by many entertaining suburbs such as Nápoles, Condesa or La Colonia Roma.


Debarbas Bebedero Gourmet (Nápoles)

It’s a restaurant bar that offers a cozy beach-like environment. Debarbas offers traditional Mexican and Italian dishes, and as for the drinks you can try a variety of artisan’s beer or wine, and many others. Debarbas guarantees fun and live-music performances.


Amongst other restaurants to visit in Colonia Nápoles are Fat Boy Moves, Strange Donuts, Picabira, Pizzas Nosferatu or McCarthys Irish Pub. In each and every one of them you can enjoy delicious food, drinks and music.


Frëims (Condesa)

It’s an excellent place to visit at day or night with it’s comfortable and colorful installations. Frëims offers a calm and relaxing space meanwhile you enjoy a wide-range of food and drinks. In this place you may also enjoy social events, art expositions, entertaining magazines and books from local writers.


La Niuyorkina (Condesa)

It’s a bar that will transport you to New York, allowing you to step out of the ordinary scenery. This bar has an allusive decoration of the industrial age and offers any customer a great time. The specialty of this place is its drinks´menu, specially those serve with agua quina of different flavors. You may also enjoy its music and delicious food.


Amongst the other places to visit in the Condesa are Legión Americana, Salón Patanegra, Mala Fama and many more.


El Departamento (Roma)

This place is designed for you and your friends to make you feel as if you were in your own apartment. Without a doubt, this bar is not your typical bar. The environment of El departamento is like a party, where you can enjoy dim lights, and a turntable in the lounge. The bar is ideal for social gathering and dancing. The music style that predominates is electronic-tune with Live-DJ-performance, as well as rock-music in both English and Spanish.


La Teatrería (Roma)

Presents a very elegant style with heavy New-York influence. In this place you can enjoy musicals, performances, theatre and many more. Plus, the place is equipped with a bar, a restaurant that makes it different to a conventional theatre. The performances are every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is recommended to buy tickets in-advance.


Amongst other places to visit in Colonia Roma are Hotel Casa Awolly, Máximo Bistrot Local, Patrick Miller, Enigma Rooms, and many more.


semana santa ciudad de méxico

Around Kali Ciudadela are also many different options to have a great night.



This place takes you away from all the bustling city, and helps you connect with yourself or your friends.  This hidden bar offers a variety of artisanal mezcales and prehispanic gastronomy. In Bósforo, you can enjoy different styles of music from all over the world.


Comedor Lucerna.

It’s a very relaxing place and it has a very rustic decoration with picnic tables. This restaurant offers Mexican food and gourmet food. Likewise the drinks are really delicious such as the artesanal beers and other national brands. Many nights you can enjoy at Comedor Lucerna live-DJ performances.


Azul histórico.

This restaurant offers Mexican food in an open-air space that is both enjoyable and relaxing. It’s the perfect place to taste the best mezcales, served in jícaras (traditional teacup) decorated in typical Mexican style. The most famous dishes include Buñuelos stuffed with delicious goodness, bathed in mole sauce. There is also panuchos de cochinita (slow-roasted pork) and many other delicious dishes. After the main course you can pick the best of a variety of desserts such as the chocolate cake and ice-cream, and many more.



 Hanky Panky Cocktail Bar

It’s a bar renown to be “secretive” of the Colonia Juárez.  It’s a very characteristic and very uncommon place, since the way to get in is through a secret door. In this bar you’ll get acquainted with a variety of drinks that you may not find in other bars of the city; therefore, it is worthy to get-to-know all its secret food and drinks. It is recommended to make a reservation at their official-website before going.


Cicatriz Café (Scar Coffee)

It’s a place that offers a variety of cocktails during night-time, and as for their gastronomy, it is without a doubt a place that offers delicious dishes with creative flavors and ingredients. It’s also a place that celebrates and invites many artists and chefs, who prepare some of the main-dishes of the place.


Fifty Mills

It’s a famous bar and its one of the best in Mexico City. This bar is also amongst the 50 best in the world. Fifty Mills is characterized by its variety of drinks between traditional cocktails and very innovative creations, likewise, they offer delicious Mexican gastronomy. You must get to know them!


Other recommendations:


Museum nights CDMX.

The first recommendation are the museums in CDMX. This activity consists of the last Wednesday of every month, starting from 19:00 hrs. to 22:00 hrs. you’ll gain access to the many museums of the city. The museums you can visit are the Jumex Museum, The Museum of Frida Kahlo, Museum of Diego Rivera, National Museum of Watercolor, National Museum of Cultures, Soumaya Museum (Carso Plaza, Loreto Plaza), Popular Art Museum, and many more.


One great news about night museums is that many offers free pass or entrance discounts. You cannot miss this chance, since the City of Mexico is considered as one of the city with most museums in the world.


Jazz Night CDMX.


For music lovers you may find a wide rage of choices to enjoy, and yes, especially if you’re a jazz fan, you’ll certainty be amazed with what you’ll hear. In this big city you may enjoy Jazz in places like: Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Museums, and many other different cultural centers. One of the great recommendations is Tamayo Museum, that offers each last Wednesday of every month great Jazz at night, where you may enjoy the music and admire the great art expositions. The entrance to this event goes around 250 pesos.


Another option is the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico, where you’ll find the historic center, this means you’ll be able to enjoy Jazz while you stroll the Metropolitan Cathedral. Don’t miss out the Wednesdays Jazz with national and international talents. The entrance is Free too.


Nights of Chapultepec CDMX


This is the perfect option if you enjoy night tours in nature, and most of all, inside of an emblematic site of the City. Visiting Chapultepec at night is truly an experience you don’t want to pass-on. The tours are every Wednesday night, and you may do the tour on bike or train.

Don’t miss out the chance to live out Chapultepec at night!


Night Turibus of CDMX

The fun is for everyone, and if what you’re looking for are the traditional and popular bars of the city, don’t miss out the chance to join the night tours on the Turibus. You can make this tour on every Thursday, and it’s about 4 hours each ride. In this tour you’ll get to know the Coyoacan Center and its canteens that represents the history and tradition.

It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes beforehand at the departure points such as World Trade, Commercial Center Manacar or the Oasis Coyoacan Plaza.


Restaurants in CDMX

Without a doubt, CDMX has infinite restaurants for every preference and at all sorts of prices. There’s a variety of restaurantS from very traditional Mexicans to international cuisines.

One of the most famous restaurants is the Zinco Jazz Club, where besides enjoying its great food you can also enjoy live-jazz music. The other famous restaurant is La Casa de Toño, a restaurant that is opened 24 hours a day, and it’s a great place to feast on mexican cuisines.  Other restaurants that are open 24 hours are Au Pied of Cochon, Shanghai Coffee, among others.

In Kali Hoteles Mexico City Escandon or Ciudadela we´ll wait for your visit.  Don’t forget that we’re are among the best hotels in CDMX that offers unforgettable lodgings and that will make your stay here unforgettable. We Await your Visit!