Terms and conditions of use of the website

In order to ensure the proper functioning of our website www.kalihoteles.com and to offer you a quality service, we will explain below the conditions that govern the use of it. The use of this site implies acceptance of these conditions by users, who undertake to read carefully. The owner of this website reserves the right to modify, add or delete any part of these conditions at any time, so it is important that the user carefully reads this text in each of his visits, as this may apply modifications.


Ownership of the website

This website is owned by the commercial entity Lectus Hotelera S.A. de C.V. with address at Avenida Jose Marti No. 178, Col. Escandon, 11800, CDMX, Mexico, Tel: +52(55) 5515 1299 and provided with CIF LHO150705FQ6, and registered in the Mexican Mercantile Registry – Mexico


Service description

This website offers information related to the activity, products and services of the owner.


Intellectual and industrial property

The intellectual property rights relating to the elements appearing on this website, such as trademarks, trade names, logos, domain names, photographs, texts, etc., are the property of the owner of the website or of third parties and are protected by national and international laws.

Unauthorized use of these elements (images, text, logos, or any other material appearing on the website) such as reproduction, publication, modification, addition, deletion, or any other activity that is performed without the express authorization of the website´s owner will entail the effective violation of the legislation on intellectual and industrial property, and other laws that are applicable.



The owner of the website reserves the possibility of making the modifications that he deems appropriate in the products or services offered through this website, without the need for prior notice.

The offers will be valid only during the period established in the advertisement(s), or in their absence, during the time they remain accessible to the recipients of the service for their effective reservation.


Usage limitations

This website is for personal use and never commercial. It is prohibited to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, market, sell or any other activity that may be carried out with the content of this website, or even citing the sources, without the written consent of the owner of the site.

The user guarantees that he will not use this website for purposes that are unlawful or prohibited by these conditions.

Users are expressly prohibited from infringing or attempting to violate the security measures established for the proper functioning of the website, including, but not limited to: accessing information or data of a reserved nature not intended for use directly by the visitor, sending viruses, mass mailing (spamming). The violation or attempts of violation of the system´s security or of the reserved information will give the right to the holder of the site to pursue this activity and demand the clearance of civil or criminal liabilities, if any.



The owner of the site will not be responsible for the information contained in the pages of third parties that can be accessed through hypertextual links (a.k.a. links) located on this website. The existence of the links in this webpage has a purely informative purpose.


Personal data protection

The owner of the site guarantees compliance with Mexican Personal Data Protection Regulation and complementary regulations, in relation to the processing of personal data obtained through this website.

The confidentiality of the communications of the users through this web page is also guaranteed.



The website owner will not be responsible for:

The interruptions of information related to availability motivated by disconnection of the internet network, damages in the network, causes of majeure force or not controllable by the same. Damage caused by computer viruses. Of the consequences derived from the misuse of the contents of the webpage carried out by the users.

The service of the website if interrupted, in a justified manner, without giving rise to a complaint by the user, for reasons of security, maintenance, updating or restructuring of computer resources in order to improve the service.

The user is responsible for the communications that he directs through the website, as well as the data that he introduces, and therefore, the consequences that can be generated, for example, by entering false or incorrect data. The owner of the website declines all responsibility arising from the exchange of information between users through the site, as well as responsibility for the manifestations disseminated and that corresponds to those who perform them.


Advertising on the website

In the event that third-party advertising is incorporated into this website, through banners, links, pop ups, etc., advertisers state that they comply with the intellectual property and industrial property regulations, therefore, they will be solely responsible for the images, texts, logos, and information contained in such advertising.


Infringement of the conditions

The website owner reserves the right to demand civil or criminal liability against those individuals or legal entities that violate any of the established conditions.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

In general, the relations between the owner of the site and its users and clients, derived from the contracting of the products and services contained in this website or the conditions established for the correct use of the same, will be governed by the Mexican law and shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Mexican Republic.


General contracting conditions

RELEVANT AND IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Carefully review the details of your reservation as well as the content of these general conditions before proceeding to acceptance.

Arrival time at the hotel: 14:00 hrs.

Check out time at the hotel: 13:00 hrs.


Booking cancellation policy

The confirmed reservation(s) can be canceled by the following ways:

– Through the website, if the reservation was originally made through it.

– Via email:   reservaciones.escandon@kalihoteles.com (Kali Escandon) or

reservaciones.ciudadela@kalihoteles.com (Kali Ciudadela)

– Telephone: +52(55) 5515 1299 (Kali Escandon) or +52(55) 5521 9594 (Kali Ciudadela)

The bank charges generated by the cancellation(s) of the reservation(s) will invariably be paid by the customer.


Reservation modification policy

The modification of any reservation made can be requested no later than 24 hours before the date of arrival at the establishment.

The request may be made by the following means:

– Via email:   reservaciones.escandon@kalihoteles.com (Kali Escandon) or

reservaciones.ciudadela@kalihoteles.com (Kali Ciudadela)

– Telephone: +52(55) 5515 1299 (Kali Escandon) or +52(55) 5521 9594 (Kali Ciudadela)

Always the locator of your reservation must be indicated. The success of the modification will depend of the hotel´s availability at the time of the request.

  1. Website owner

It is the entity Lectus Hotelera S.A. de C.V., the person responsible and holder of this website, with address at Avenida Jose Marti No. 178, Col. Escandon, 11800, CDMX, Mexico, tax identification number LHO150705FQ6.

  1. Users obligations

The user accepts the present general conditions and agrees with the same ones that he understands and understands in its totality.

  1. The user states that he is of legal age and has the legal capacity to contract the services offered on this website.
  2. The user is responsible for the veracity of the data that he enters when registering as client, data that must be true and complete.
  3. The user is responsible for making the correct statement of the number of people who will occupy the room or apartment.
  4. The user who completes the reservation form must be authorized to do so, on behalf of all the members of the group included in the reservation.
  5. The user undertakes to comply with the particular rules of the tourist establishment.


  1. Contract formalization

The formalization of the contract is made at the same moment of the confirmation of the availability of the service, as well as the acceptance of the general conditions by the contracting party and its payment by credit card in the bank terminal of the financial entity. The transactions carried out are encrypted by means of a secure payment system guaranteed by the banking entity, this environment guarantees that the information of the credit card(s) will not be intercepted and that, therefore, it will not reach into the hands of any person other than the banking entity responsible for processing the client’s payment instructions.

The price of the reservation includes exclusively only the services chosen and detailed in the form of the reservation. At the end of the booking process you will receive in the email account provided by the user the booking confirmation and booking conditions that have already been provided during the online booking process.

The confirmation of the reservation that contains the confirmation number, as well as the details of the reservation, must be stored by the user to show the same upon arrival at the hotel.

The website owner reserves the right to refuse or require supplementary information from those reservations that do not exceed the security controls established in our e-commerce system.

  1. Promotions validity

The promotions, when applicable, will be valid only during the period set in the website, or as the case may be, during the time they are accessible to customers for effective contracting of the service.


  1. Modifications of general conditions

The owner of the website reserves the right to modify these general conditions at any time and without prior notice, by posting the new conditions on this site.

If any clause included in these conditions is declared, totally or partially null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only that provision or the part of it that is null or ineffective, subsisting the general conditions in everything else, having such provision, or the part of it that was affected by not being set.


  1. Jurisdiction and applicable law

The contracting parties submit themselves expressly and voluntarily to the jurisdiction and Courts of the Mexican Republic for the resolution of the conflicts derived from the interpretation and application of this contract. The applicable legislation will be Mexican.