KALI HOTELS, is a proudly Mexican company, created with one main goal: a new concept of quality accommodation always providing a personalized service for each of our guests.


The name of the company is born from the Nahuatl word KALI (/ka.li/) which means home, because it is exactly how we want all our guests to feel when staying at KALI HOTELS, comfortable and as being at home; besides that the word with no doubt reminds us to the wonderful cultural heritage of our country, in conjunction with the native language with the largest number of speakers in México.

KALI HOTELS refer to the love and respect for our country, based on:

  • Our unique traditions and millenary culture.
  • The work, dedication and charisma of our people.
  • Our gastronomy, considered intangible heritage of humanity.
  • Our incredible places and landscapes that always offer something to discover.
  • The respect, affection and pride of being part of a country: MÉXICO.

All these elements that show the passion for the service that we offer you in KALI HOTELS would not be complete without the pillars and guiding axes of our daily way of acting: Our Mission, Vision and Values.


The creation and management of comfortable, practical and functional hotels and temporary housing focused on the service and individual needs of each of our guests, providing more and better services with an optimal value – price ratio to make our final consumer feel comfortable.


Being a leading hotel company in Mexico based on the quality of our facilities and dedication to the guest.


  • Work: Focused on our guests, by anticipating and adapting to their needs.
  • Service: Based on the hospitality and affection that distinguishes the people of our country, to ensure that each of our guests is completely satisfied.
  • Honesty and Commitment: Towards our guests and towards the company.
  • Flexibility: Adaptation to changes and different needs of each guest.
  • Innovation: Always looking for new trends and options for technological improvement.
  • Respect and Responsibility: Towards the guest, the company and all those who collaborate internally or externally.

The vocation of service and the desire to provide unique experiences of accommodation to our customers and guests are part of the spirit that motivates us daily.

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