Tour of lights in Mexico city

Christmas, the magical season where you can create wonderful memories with your beloved ones, is a few days away. You know, the time of family reunion and happiness. The time that presents the perfect occasion for big cities to remind its inhabitants and visitors all the love, and surprise them with the best Christmas scenarios.

if you’re on a trip in Mexico City during the Christmas season, then you musn’t miss the Tour of Lights. Even though this is just a list of places that you must visit, we call it a tour because for completing the list you will need to move around the whole city.

What is the Tour of Lights in Mexico City 2019 about?

As we have already mentioned, you won’t find this tour anywhere else. As this is a recommendation made by Hoteles Kali for you to live a wonderful Christmas in Mexico City this year. This tour is about the annual tradition of decorating the main streets, avenues, and monuments with Christmas lights. They thus look like being part of a Christmas Carol.

In a nutshell, you can do this tour for free and it’s about visiting the main spots in Mexico City specially decorated for the Christmas season. it’s important that you remember to carry on your camera, otherwise, you may miss some gorgeous pics. 

Besides, we have to mention that all around these monuments, there are some other Christmas activities you can do.

What places can I visit during Christmas in Mexico City?

Mexico City Main Square | Zócalo de la Ciudad de México

Christmas Lights is annually presented in the Main Square of the city. It shows about 20 Christmas Trees, an ice rink and some slides.

SEDENA Street | El Camellón de SEDENA

The street in which lays the National Secretary of Defense is also covered with colors and inflatable slides. Since December you can visit it and get amazed by it’s 30-meter long tunnel of lights.

Bolo Fest 2019 

Done by one of the major companies in Mexico, Liverpool. The Bolo Fest is a parade for children where their favorite characters come to live and walkthrough Reforma Avenue. Although it’s normally performed in daylight hours, the colors of allegoric carts make it a perfect activity to be done with children.

Luztopia 2019

The greatest annual festival that enlights Mexico City. More than 300 Christmas figurines distributed all citywide will transform the Mexican capital into a Christmas Carol.

Do you know where to stay in Mexico City?

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Happy holidays!