Why 12 grapes for New Year?

As every year on December 31, we all make a list of purposes and wishes that we hope to fulfill for next year. At 12 o’clock at night, we eat 12 grapes as a tradition at each chime, hoping that, now, the new year that we start, we can fulfill all our wishes.uvas-nochevieja

But where does this beautiful tradition come from? This is of Spanish origin and is made since the early twentieth century. It emerged as a way in which the winemakers of the regions of Murcia and Alicante could get rid of the surplus of grapes that had been given in the year 1909.

Traditionally, the grape is a fruit that is usually associated with positive symbols such as brotherhood, union, joy and pleasure or spirituality. It is said that the twelve grapes represent the 12 months of the year to come and they are eaten at 12 o’clock at night with the 12 chimes, one for each chime and in each of these grapes we represent the wishes or purposes that we want to fulfill in the next year.

They also represent a sign of prosperity for the next year that is about to start. Each and every member of the Kali Escandón team strives daily to fulfill the wishes of each of our valued guests and visitors.

We know that the road is long and full of challenges and you inspire us to continue as before and always with the firm conviction of giving you the best! Today and we always wish you a very Happy 2019 Year full of prosperity and abundance in every way. Thanks for your preference! FEEL COMFORTABLE.